About Us

The Brandon HOA Group is a group of HOA Board Members within the city of Brandon MS. Any Brandon HOA Board Member is welcome.

The purpose of our Group is:

  • Provide a central place for communication between neighborhoods and HOA’s in our city.
  • Promote and enhance the quality of neighborhoods and HOA’s in our city.
  • Foster cooperation among HOA’s and neighborhoods, so we may get to know one another and provide an educational resource for the Group’s members.
  • Create a central repository of contacts and information that can be disseminated quickly, while keeping our members informed.
  • Serve as a liaison between the City of Brandon and the neighborhood associations in our city.
  • Promote our associations and provide a positive influence on our beautiful city.

We encourage any and every HOA Board Member in the City of Brandon to get involved in our Group. We plan to meet quarterly. We also have an private Facebook Group, which may be found by searching FB for “Brandon 042 Neighborhoods & HOA’s”. You must be an HOA Board Member here in Brandon, and properly respond to the membership questions (in the FB Group), in order to enter this Facebook Group. Here’s a direct link to the private FB Group: CLICK HERE

We also have a public Facebook Page, which may be found here: Brandon HOA Group FB Page